Abortion is wrong and pro-life advocates should continue with their current tactics to make it less accessible. We must work hard toward the eventual elimination of abortion, something that will take more patience than was needed to bring down the Berlin wall.

With that introduction, why should pro-choice advocates read this article? Because I’m going to show them how to derail the pro-life movement.


  1. Abortion
  2. Even More Options (EMO)
  3. Here’s the rub

Even More Options

Conservative politicians give facile support to a pro-life constitutional amendment. It’s not going to happen and they know it.

Instead pro-life advocates must rally behind legislation I call Even More Options (EMO). EMO eliminates most of the legitimate excuses from those pushing for unrestricted abortion “rights”.

You carry the child to viability (currently 20 weeks) and we’ll take it out and get it adopted into a great home, all at no expense to you. We’ll significantly fund your counseling during the unwanted pregnancy. We’ll significantly fund research into reducing the length of time to viability, with a ten-year goal of reducing it down to 5-6 weeks.


EMO is fully voluntary. EMO does not enact any legal barriers to abortion.

Afraid the mother might bond with the “unwanted” child during the viability waiting period? EMO provides for this. Our desire is the long-term health and well-being of the child, concomitant with the emotional well-being of the mother.

What about responsibility on the part of the mother? Didn’t she willingly commit the dirty deed that resulted in the unwanted pregnancy? Well now you’re talking like an abortionist.

What matters is the child not the alleged irresponsibility of the parents. EMO is a compromise position. A 20-week carrying term gives a not-so-gentle reminder for couples to take measures to avoid future unwanted pregnancies.

EMO will be vital when the Berlin Wall falls. We don’t want the demagoguery of coat hangers, charges of hypocrisy, or anxious mothers trapped in bureaucratic red tape.

We leave those politicians pushing for an unrestricted “right” to abortion flapping out there naked in their dogma.

Here’s the Rub

More than EMO, we need pro-life advocates to step up to the plate. We’re talking about the genocide of more than 60 million innocent children since Roe v. Wade.

Pro-life advocates must be willing to adopt the baby with Down’s syndrome, the child of the crack/HIV-mother, the child who is not the bouncing blue-eyed cherub of your dreams.

Do you really think there are 60 million families in the U.S. willing to assume this responsibility? That our senior citizens would be willing to take a 10% cut in their Social Security checks to pay for this program?

In a way the abortionists are right. The reason we have abortion is the selfishness of those who oppose it. Were I an abortionist that would be my storyline. Make it personal.

Would you put aside your own financial security and comfort, your own personal dreams and pursuits, to remedy the mistake of some way out irresponsible juggalos?

Oh yeah? We’ll have the signup sheet at the exit to the Republican convention.

That’s why we’re quietly sweeping this ‘inconvenience’ out of sight. We’re looking after your future choices.

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