What I’d Tell the New President

Move quick. Give no time for the opposition to mobilize. Bundle dozens of major acts of legislation into a single omnibus bill (my list has 30). Force this bill through Congress over all objections. You’ve got 1 month.

Each act in the omnibus bill has a name, a purpose and section headings. That’s it.

Name: Living Wage Act
Purpose: Ensure every working citizen earns enough for life’s basic needs
1. Labor Vouchers
2. Negative Federal Deductions on Paychecks

All new legislation is a work-in-process . These will just need more work.

The administration gets 12 months to fill in the details (and how to make it sticky). Congress can then vote to reject the results. If not, the act in all its details gets signed into law.

Amendment free. Filibuster free. Protest free. Resistant to lobbyists. Resistant to changes in majority party in Congress.

And don’t forget to thank the prior administration for making all this possible.

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