Bring Them Out from the Nations, Bring Them into Their Own Land

I envision a community where refugees are not only welcome but sought out. They are recognized not only for the contributions they bring to our community, but for the best they bring out in ourselves.

We welcome them into our homes. We care for them as they adapt to their new surroundings. We are family.

We know, intimately, where to seek help for our refugee guests. We step in when guest children have problems at school. We work with parents to build skills needed for work. We help with child care.

Ours is a community that builds friendships that last a lifetime: that ‘go viral’ as guests later become hosts for the next wave of refugees.

We are a global community, with shared values, and shared experiences to back up those values.

We are ‘The Refugee Capital of the World’. We are Guantanamo Bay City .


  1. Bring Them Out from the Nations, Bring Them into Their Own Land
  2. Background
  3. Refugees Stay at Home
  4. Refugees Relocate within their Home Country
  5. Refugees Relocate to Guantanamo Bay City
  6. How Relocated Refugees Earn a Living
  7. Challenges
  8. Closing


The international order of nation states brings with it a permanent fixture: people who fall through the cracks. Sixty years of post-WWII efforts have failed to fill these cracks.

Today we warehouse these people in camps of squalor. Today we dilute their heritage, their talent, by sending them to many different lands. Today we keep them as victims rather than help them return to self-sufficiency.

And tomorrow?

First we acknowledge there is no one pattern for the making of a refugee. We see gangs of feral thugs with machetes. We see today’s victims were yesterday’s thugs. We see payback after a coup. We see foreign aggression. We see regimes engaged in ethnic cleansing. We see states ignoring sectarian persecutions within their borders. Cities besieged. Villages marauded. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.[1]

Perhaps we can defuse a potential crisis by negotiations. Perhaps we can mount surgical military strikes early in an outbreak of violence: guns vs. machetes. Perhaps we can buy time with financial assistance or bribery.

If we indeed have a refugee crisis in the making there are two key considerations:

  • Can likely refugees stay at home under our military protection?
  • How will refugees earn a living?

Refugees Stay at Home

We help likely refugees stay at home if reconciliation and normalcy seem possible within 2-3 years: atrocities can be stopped and hatreds calmed. We maintain a wide security perimeter around their home lands. We appeal to today’s relief agencies for the usual survival tools.

This is survival not prosperity. These are expenses not investments.

Refugees Relocate within their Home Country

If relocation is demanded our first choice should be to confiscate lands for the refugees within their home country. Militarily. We have a preference for resource-rich lands near international borders and transportation. We select lands that allow refugees to quickly reach self-sufficiency and to build lasting prosperity.

The U.S. & its allies secure the lands and provide the means toward a new life. We provide an instant city: permanent residences, roads, power, water, sanitation, communications, markets, public buildings, etc. One built to last generations. It’s not exactly home but it’s in familiar surroundings. There is no turning back.

The refugee heritage remains intact: no Western values, rules or sensibilities allowed. Relocated peoples run their own affairs. If women were ‘mistreated’ beforehand let it be so afterward.

Refugees repay our investments monetarily, as their prosperity allows.[2] Donor nations often find it profitable to invest generously into the resettlement. Home country governments may learn it’s better to protect their own civilians to avoid confiscation of valuable national resources by the U.S. for this same purpose.

Refugees Relocate to Guantanamo Bay City

“Have no fear to assist the refugee and to receive them. You will not have any regrets. Do not say they do not concern me let others attend to them. My friends, whatever concerns the refugee is always our affair.” — Guantanamo Bay City Motto

Guantanamo Bay City is our fail-safe for refugees who cannot be slotted into other solutions. Perhaps 2-3 million refugees.

The U.S. provides the land, the security, the infrastructure and the means for refugees to build a new life in a strange surrounding. It’s a gift from the U.S. to the refugees, and free of interference from our own noisome rules and regulations.

The refugee heritage is assimilated. They adopt wholesale the laws, rules, regulations and governmental structures of our highly respected role models: Hong Kong and/or Singapore. Their heritage is preserved only to the extent it fits within the adopted model.

Refugees repay our investments in-kind, by making real the vision of a Refugee Capital of the World. Everything in Guantanamo Bay City is designed to accommodate the refugee: dual family residences, dual pay structures, ongoing preparations for the next wave of refugees, etc.

How Relocated Refugees Earn a Living

Our goal is for refugees to achieve material abundance by the second generation. No more decades-old refugee camps with ramshackle huts and dirt roads. Resettlement communities produce goods and services competitive in world markets. They live and work in a modern cityscape sustained by a thriving economy.

Refugees start work almost immediately on public services, food production, export markets, and when possible high-end trades (e.g., restaurants, assisted eldercare, computers). We do not allow developed nations to siphon off refugee talent: doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, chefs, etc. We keep that talent for ourselves.

Resettlement lands are granted 10-20 years of Most Favored Nation status for finance and trade (Negative Interest Rates on Loans? Negative Tariffs?). Refugees earn preferred status in guest worker programs of developed countries.[3]


Climate Change! F*ck your climate change![4]
Fairness! F*ck your fairness!
Moral Duty! F*ck your morals!
Heart-Wrenching Images! F*ck your images !
You caused this! F*ck your blame!
Nazi Germany! Negotiations are starting to collapse.
Racist! Inciter of hate crimes! We’re done.

We have met the enemy and he is us. The worst enemies of the refugee are their so-called friends. It’s the superiority these ‘experts’ feel in their own indignation. They dress up their own conceits in the sufferings of others.

F*ck the refugees!


I myself will search for my sheep and look after them … I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on a day of clouds and darkness. I will bring them out from the nations and gather them from the countries, and I will bring them into their own land. … I will tend them in a good pasture … There they will lie down in good grazing land, and there they will feed in a rich pasture … I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak … I will shepherd the flock with justice. – Ezekiel 34 (NIV)

The refugee problem isn’t solved by scattering their people across dozens of dark and cloudy countries. Instead we gather together a displaced people, and help them prosper, in their own rich lands, preferably in or near their homeland.

Realizing this vision will require strong U.S. leadership. Carter couldn’t have made peace with the Soviet Union. It took a Reagan: one who the public could trust in a risky rapprochement. One who understood that belligerents, push-come-to-shove, respect brute force. One not afraid to ignore so-called experts and established conventions. One who seeks out fresh ways.

It’s time to change the game.

1. Whatever you choose, run a counterfactual analysis of past refugee crises (e.g., Rwanda, Central African Republic, Syria, Dafur, Cambodia, Armenia, Iran) to see how your choice would have helped.

2. Resource riches are held ‘in escrow’ in developed nations, with payouts to the refugee community in measured amounts. These become the basis for sustained long-term prosperity for the community. And these escrowed monies may later be used to negotiate a reconciliation with the winning faction in conflict nations.

3. Guantanamo Bay City is situated on a U.S. Naval Base of about 45 sq. miles (Manhattan is ~34 sq. miles). Not big enough for a good walkabout. So young folk are given guest worker permits to visit the U.S., Canada and Europe to stretch their legs (and to improve their English, so as to better exploit the U.S. market for the benefit of the Guantanamo Bay economy). Note: other U.S. territories might be financially induced to set aside 50 square miles for similar resettlement plans.

4. These are the reckless claims made on behalf of refugees by bureaucrats, academics and “human rights advocates”. Politicize the refugee crises and refugee fortunes will blow with the political winds.