As many truths as men. Occasionally, I glimpse a truer Truth, hiding in imperfect simulacrums of itself, but as I approach, it bestirs itself and moves deeper into the thorny swamp of dissent. – Mitchell, David (2008). Cloud Atlas: A Novel

Even though I’ve put much thought and research into these blog entries, I always end up with a nagging feeling something’s not quite right. Hence Disposable Ideas. Although not quite right these ideas are better than most found in today’s public discourse. Use this website as a tool to help you more closely scrutinize proposals and to sharpen your own ideas on how to best fix government.

I am not a conservative, liberal, progressive or libertarian. Just lil’ ol’ fanciful me. If I’ve done my job well readers from each of these ideological stripes will find here ideas they love, and ones they despise. In any case I promise insights that go far beyond today’s hackneyed political commentary. All I ask is you curb your dogma and enjoy.

My belief is there are many ways to govern that work just fine. Each generation deserves the chance to find their own way, keeping what they like and not having to shoulder too many burdens of those who came before. There are many who say each generation owes a great debt of gratitude to the preceding. I say, nah!

Whatever position you set men in, they pile up and arrange themselves by moving and crowding together, just as ill-matched objects, put in a bag without order, find of themselves a way to unite and fall into place together, often better than could have been arranged by art. King Philip collected the most wicked and incorrigible men he could find, and settled them all in a city he had built for them, which bore their name (Poneropolis, “The City of the Wicked”). I judge that from their very vices they set up a political system among themselves and a workable and regular society. – Montaigne Essays – On Vanity (~1590), tr. Frame

Yes I know my tocayo disposable diapers can be full of it. I’ll do my best to avoid that taint.

Where available I provide an archive link for external references in case the original link doesn’t work. Links to audio indicate the starting point (hh:mm:ss) of the reference in the label. For example my reference within the audio file Cizadlo, Biology of Aging (1:21:10) starts 1 hour 21 minutes and 10 seconds into the audio playback. Archived audio files are truncated to the reference.

Plagiarism alert! I’ve never come up with an original turn of phrase in my life. I’m only good at taking others’ phrases and patching them together into stories. But I don’t like stories cluttered with attributions. If you find a phrase you like, Google it and assign attribution where it is due.

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