Proposed Reforms of the Regulatory State (examples)

  1. Rein in the use of guidance and investigations (Y)
  2. Binding cost-benefit and independent review (N)
  3. Economic cutoffs that require regulations be brought up for legislation (N)
  4. Retrospective analysis (?)
  5. Sunshine laws aka greater visibility into direction of rule-making (Y)
  6. Removal of outdated regulations (?)
  7. Cost-benefit moved to independent agencies (N)
  8. Independent agencies subject to cost-benefit (N)
  9. Regulation Freedom Amendment, i.e., force a regulation to a vote (N)
  10. Citizen standing to challenge regulations (N)
  11. Congressional Regulation Office (Y)

(Y) Fits within the Administrative Restructuring Act (ARA)
(N) Not relevant assuming passage of the ARA
(?) May fit within the ARA, but optional

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