Skinny Legislation (Example)

Below is the entire text of the Market-Based Healthcare Act to be passed by Congress, using fill-in-the-gaps by the Regulatory State.

The Market-Based Healthcare Act

  1. Purchase of private health insurance gives huge health benefits over state-subsidized coverage
  2. Indigents are paid out of tax revenues, and not a cost, direct or indirect, on those who buy insurance
  3. You cannot be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions (if that condition is otherwise covered)
  4. No Federally mandated coverage of conditions, medications, or checkups
  5. No limitations on deductibles or co-pays for private insurance
  6. No discrimination in state-subsidized coverage to induce lifestyle changes
  7. Affordable basement-level, state-sponsored coverage is available for all
  8. Insurance companies can operate across state lines
  9. Insurance companies do not have to provide state-mandated coverage, except of their home state
  10. No federal or state limits on insurance company profits

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