Two for One is Dumb. Three Branches is Smart

Trump signs ‘2-for-1’ order to reduce regulations

Study: Trump has eliminated $86B in regulations

Seven regulations targeted by Trump

Trump White House tells agencies to halt regulations

Wrong, wrong, wrong! This is not the way to build a legacy. Ask the last president.

Regulations persist because interest groups know how to exploit them for their own gain. These groups dismiss the wrack-and-ruin this brings to our political system, and the erosive effect their gains have on our freedoms.

So give ’em what they want. Punish them with their own regulations. Unleash hundreds if not thousands of punitive actions. Make clear the choice between dismantling the Regulatory State, and tyranny.

FDR’s legacy was the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) the legal basis for today’s Regulatory State. Tomorrow’s legacy goes to the president who signs the Administrative Restructuring Act (ARA), which puts the rule of law back into Federal rule-making.

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