Healthcare Reform

Heard a joke the other day. What’s the market solution for healthcare? It’s people exploiting people. And the government solution? It’s the other way around.

I tripped and sprained a pinky. It swelled to twice its thickness and I wondered if it was broken. I found a discount x-ray center at a local strip mall and stopped in for a snapshot. Turns out I needed a ‘script from my primary physician. He wouldn’t fax one over. Said I needed to go to my orthopedic surgeon to get the x-ray. $1,000 versus $60. I have a high deductible insurance policy and decided to wait until the swelling went down. Yep it was broken. But it was also healed. I now go through life with a crooked pinky.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

Terrorists and politicians are practiced at using children as human shields to cover for their nefarious deeds. Politicians put pathetic teary-eyed children in front of the television cameras. They voice-over these heart-wrenching images in a whiny, plaintive, Ozarkian twang:

Not doing this will hurt poor kids, including kids with special needs like Downs syndrome or Autism. I don’t know how families are going to deal with it.

Making their case for coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, these politicians mask distinctions between those who have insurance, those who have had their coverage cancelled, and those who have never purchased insurance. They paper over differences between those who are ill through no fault of their own, and those who fell ill by engaging in reckless behaviors. They mandate one-size-fits-all coverage for all pre-existing conditions; yet offer no cold hard cash in payment (We’ll pay for this from “savings”).

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