Welfare Reform

Instead of my usual bloated blog I herein lay out my proposal and its challenges, and let you the reader think through the details. Our task is to define the Welfare Reform Act of 2014. Instead of handing out money or debit cards we give chits to the needy, which are redeemable by private employers. You work for an employer, turn in your chits, the employer gives you cash, and the employer gets reimbursed for the chits by the government.

Instead of a handout, we give a paying job.

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A Chit Economy

The rules for our chit economy are as follows:

  • Each member of society receives a fixed number of chits per year which are used to reward others for goods and services they receive
  • There are only as many chits in the economy as there are individuals (i.e. # chits = # individuals x fixed # of chits per individual per year)
  • Chits expire. Use-’em-or-lose-’em.

I exchange chits for goods and services received. As others receive my chits they in turn can use these chits to compensate others. Chits are transferable as long as they’re unexpired. Individuals who receive many chits provide goods & services highly valued by others, and vice versa. We are a nation of traders in chit.

No cheating by jumping ahead, but chits are probably not what you think.

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A Jobs Proposal

A massive federal Jobs Agency with broad authority as to the means to create jobs. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Patronage. Special Interests. Bureaucracy. Waste & Inefficiency. I’m afraid I’ll look back one day and hang my head in shame at what is written here, given my libertarian leanings. What are the chances for making this a success? Probably zero. Piecemeal solutions. Half-hearted implementations. Cherry-picking. Dumbing down. This proposal will die a thousand deaths in committee before it ever sees the light of day. At least I provide ammo enough to kill the many inferior solutions being offered.

So why even care?

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