Living Wage

Everyone should earn a Living Wage. But that’s not the same as mandating a minimum wage.

The minimum wage is a tax. It’s a tax that targets businesses most frequented by the poor (and near poor), both as workers and as customers. Microsoft and Apple Computer do not pay this tax.

And it’s a pernicious tax in that the more substitutes I can find for low-skilled labor the less I pay.

The Poor end up shouldering the bulk of this tax in the form of the higher prices they pay for the goods they buy, and in fewer choices for entry-level, low-skilled jobs.

You ever notice the first stores to close in a retail chain consolidation are those in poor neighborhoods?

Instead of the minimum wage, spread the cost of providing a Living Wage across the entire economy. If you’re a U.S. citizen and work 40 hours a week, in full- or part-time jobs, we as a nation make you whole up to a Living Wage.

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