Bring Them Out from the Nations, Bring Them into Their Own Land

I envision a community where refugees are not only welcome but sought out. They are recognized not only for the contributions they bring to our community, but for the best they bring out in ourselves.

We welcome them into our homes. We care for them as they adapt to their new surroundings. We are family.

We know, intimately, where to seek help for our refugee guests. We step in when guest children have problems at school. We work with parents to build skills needed for work. We help with child care.

Ours is a community that builds friendships that last a lifetime: that ‘go viral’ as guests later become hosts for the next wave of refugees.

We are a global community, with shared values, and shared experiences to back up those values.

We are ‘The Refugee Capital of the World’. We are Guantanamo Bay City .

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